Saturday, October 23, 2010

Trying To Look At The Bright Side Of A Painful Week

This week I have struggled with pain way too much. Bad flair with the ugly invisable illness that has taken over my being. You know,FIBRO. Oh how I wish I could stay home when I have a bad flair up or a migraine. If I were rich that would be possible. People dont understand that you really do feel THAT bad, but have to function anyway. You feel 10 times worse at the end of the day and really pay for it but it's just something you have to do. My shoulders feel like someone is stabbing them in the joint with a big stick, making every tiny movement take your breath away. My hips are playing give out when I walk causing me to almost fall down with every step. I wish I could be running in the race for a cure today with my daughter.
ok, my Cousin Mark who is in Heaven now would be focusing on the beautiful Fall senery and crisp cool air of Autum. That is what I will try to do today, for me and for him. RIP Mark John.

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