Sunday, February 6, 2011

Family - Babies & Memories

I am getting so excited because in a couple of days I'm pretty sure I will have a new grandaughter! It's like waiting for Christmas to come, only you get the gift that really does last forever. This will make my 3rd grandaughter and I have 1, grandson. I love being a grandma. I wish my kids to have many kids of their own. I want a big family like mine. Lots of kids running around, enough that you won't ever run out..or be lonely. I love my Grandparents, even though they aren't here on this earth any more. I miss them like crazy, but did make a lot of wonderful fond memories when they were alive, since I was a young girl. It's inportant to make memories with you family. When they or we leave this world there should be many, many memories left behind for your family to remember and treasure. I want to be that kind of mother and grandmother. I want my children and grandchildren especially to have lots and lots of fond memories of their times with me. I want all the fond memories to cover up any bad memories they may have. I hope when I am thought of, it puts a smile on their faces. :)