Thursday, September 2, 2010

RAIN make more pain..

Why or why does it have to rain........It makes my body hurt so bad! I feel like I've been stuck in a freezer for a couple of days. My joints are as stiff as a starched shirt and moving is just plain painful. Some days I'm so sick of being sick I could scream! I walk around in this aching body every single day and only I know how bad I hurt. I may not show it on my face, but I am not ok.
I complain on here because I'm sure no one else wants to hear my complaints all the time. Truth be known, most people who know me don't really know me. I seem to meet more and more people who have the same complaints as me. They describe their symptoms and they are just like mine. Now THEY know how I feel. It's so much more than just the physical pain...It goes way deeper. It affects your body, mind, spirit. Over active nerve endings pick up every thing 1000 times more than normal. Noise sometimes makes my head feel like it will actually explode! No relief. It makes my head ache. Loud noises and sounds are magnified so much you get nervous because you don't know how much more of it you can take. Sometimes I have to leave a place because I can't take the noise any more. Lights seem so bright you sometimes feel like someone is shinning a flashlight in your eyes. My body feels as if someone wrapped me in plastic wrap and it keeps getting tighter and tighter till I can hardly move any more. I'm really mad at FIBRO right now. It makes me not be able to be me.

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