Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vertigo Day 1,

Woke up yesterday morning and got out of bed only to fall back in to it. Tried again and again but each time the room was spinning so fast I couldn't take the ride.
I was terrified. I knew something was really wrong. My husband was there so he was able to comfort me and help me. All I could think of was, could I be having a stroke? Or may be heart attack? My arms and legs felt like they werent even there. The only relief I had was to stay lying down. I told my husband to call an ambulance because I knew some thing was terribly wrong with me. They came in no time. A blur of men in uniforms working on both sides of me and asking me questions.
There was no way past getting up in order to get out side to the abulance. I stood with the support of these men and pretty much fell in to the wheel chair. They wheeled me out side to get on the gerny, wet because of the pouring down rain. I too got soaked on my ride to the ambulance. Once in I was freezing. They hooked me up and asked me the same questions over and over. My vital signs were taken over and over. They gave me an IV. With a few pokes they finally got the line in. lol, Im use to that. Finally we arrived at the hospital and all the vitals and questions were asked again. They did another EKGl, and urine test blood test, ct scan. Every thing came out normal. I told them of my ear troubles and my sisters too and they gave me a diagnoses of Vertigo. Dizziness, spinning, due to inner ear trouble. I was there at the hospital around 3 hours I think. They pumped me full of fluids, phenagrin (sp?) and valium, then sent me home. I don't really remember the ride home , just trying to get out of the car in the pouring down rain. Slept most of that day.

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