Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vertigo Day 2

Don't feel much better today. I can get up short periods and then back to the couch. Wondering when this will end. Worried because I'm missing work. Too dizzy to do any thing much just have to wait it out I guess. Slept most of today as yesterday. Head feels a bit better. Yesterday it hurt so bad. I forgot to call my ENT again till it was too late. Have to call tomorrow and get in and see if there is any thing else they can do. My daughter has been a huge help. Walking me to the bathroom and giving me my medicine. She'll make a good little nurse some day :)
Oh well, I'm sure I gave the neighbors something to talk about. Lol. Prayers please if you read this. When some one told me they had vertigo if thought they just were a bit dizzy like I would get once in a while but this is way worse. The spinning feeling is out of control! It is a scary horrible feeling. Hope tomorrow I feel better.

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