Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is my daughter playing softball or is it really my husband playing

I'm wondering, What do you do when you feel your daughter is being a little more persuaded to do something then she would really herself want to do? Don't get me wrong, she lives and breaths softball. She plays on a wreak? league, a competative league, and school league. The has either practice or a game every night, plus conditioning work outs every day, and doubleheaders every Sat and Sun. I can see she is getting run down. She has not been feeling well, has a cold, very tired, and alot of aches and pains. I worry about her. She tells me how she feels and then tells her dad she is fine. I talk to him but feel like he just dont get it. He just says , "oh she's fine". Grrr, I, having fibro and cronic pain worry about her getting it or just all the ware and tare on her body..Again, dont get me wrong, she loves it but at times I wonder if she is doing so much because her dad wants her to. After all he already has her playing college when she is not even out of HighSchool.. I love watching her play..I'm glad she is doing something active, but I also dont see the harm in missing a practice or game if you are not feeling well. I myself think she is run down, and exhausted. What do you think?

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