Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lord, save me from the big binge Im really wanting to have

I asked my husband to help me stay on my weight watchers diet and stop buying all the junk foods, especially the ones I love. This is what he brings home from the supermarket yesterday....hostess cupcakes, fudge cakes, fudge rounds, cookies, chips, chips and salsa, and more! Why do I feel like im being set up for failure?
I'm only human. I just asked for a little less temptation and what do I get? A crap load OF temptation! Ok, I know it wouldn't be right to ask him to buy NO sweets and goodies, but at least not so many, hide them, or buy something I don't really care for. AND HE is the one who is diabetic!! Not only is he setting me up for failure, he is also setting me up to be an early widow!..I'm very surprised I've done really good on my WW diet this week. Since Tuesday I have stuck with it.It is easier to say no at work then at home where it is right there in front of me.
I did buy organic milk and Greek Yogurt..both are actually good. They are supose to fight away the bad fat because they have good fat..Although I got skim milk and fat free yogurt..humm dont make sence does it?..Any one know if I should be eating the ones with fat in them?? or does it matter? They are full of protein. Any tips appreciated.

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