Saturday, August 28, 2010


Last weekend I went home to attend an unofficial class reunion. We had a picnic potluck at the park. This was open for any one who who attended the highschool I graduated from. We had a mixture of my age and slightly younger and also older alumni who graduated in the 60's and even 50's...One before I was even born. I thought this was really neat. If was fun to meet all these people I hadnever met before but had a common bond with....Our Highscool. They all felt like old friends. A gathering such as this will be held every year now. I thank my friend Bob for planning this one when he lives so far away. Great job Bob! You know I love FaceBook. I have connected with so many classmates since I joined. Most of which I really didn't hang with during school but now feel like I've known them forever..The are my best friends now. I truely believe that I have talked with most of them now on facebook more than I ever did in school! Weird huh? It's sort of funny that when Iget an invite from someone I usually have to look them up in my year book...yes, that makes me old i guess. We have all changed and yet we havent. We look he same but older. We are more friendlier. Have alot in common such as kids and grandkids, diorce for some of us and illnesses . I'm glad I found you all or that you found me. I will not grow old alone S:)

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