Friday, August 27, 2010

More Fibro Information

My husband sent me this site to look at and it has alot of interesting info on Fibro and how some doctors dont see it as a disease or anything else but thinks it's just in the person's head....Well that doctor better hope he or someone he loves never gets it! Why is it that when men complain about a problem or pain or what ever they have something wrong with them, but when a women complains they are told it is just all in their head?? Seriously, this is not fair! I am out raged at this and others should be too. Think of all the women out there and probably men too that are crying out from pain or desperately needing some answers to what it wrong with them and their doctors don't help them. I remember when I was diagnosed, I was just relieved at that point to finally have a name to what was happening to my body. Women, take charge of your health! If your doctor dismisses your complaints of pain and other fibro symtoms, it's time to FIRE THAT DOCTOR AND GET A NEW ONE!
There is a National Fibromyalsia Day for recognition of this illness. I can't remember what the date is so if anyone out there can tell me please do. Thanks!click here>

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